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Australian Musical Theatre Festival - Launceston

  Philip Quast MasterClass

Many of you will recognise the name Philip Quast for famously playing the character, Inspector Jave (Javert) in Le Miserab. He did the 1987 Australian production, then went on to play the same role in London in 1989, Thus I was very excited to meet him, actually shook his firm hand before before he was whisked away (by the Artistic Director of the Australian Musical Theatre Festival) to appear on stage for the first Master Class session.

He is a tutor at NIDA (being the National Institute of Dramatic Art). So, he showed us how he coached students to improve their Audition presentation for theatre and film. By letting them start their performance and immediately ordering changes in voice and movement. Thus improving their presentation immediately. If the student did not catch the drift he went into more detailed instruction. I watched every situation in detail, actually feeling myself in the personality of the student. Only observing from my chair.

The beauty of this AMTF gave everyone opportunities to participate in Workshops such as a Diversity Panel, Busker’s Alley, Healthy Choices, Healthy Voices Workshops. Also, multiple Concerts such as The Sound of Musicals, (with 21 artist/groups, and hosted by John X.

My enjoyment was “out of this world – like all my dreams rolled into one”. Not easily described to you, here. But I’ve done my best.

We made many new friends and revived friendships with those from Hobart, too. Launceston College is especially an incredible site for the arts.

I’ll certainly be bus-ing or fly-ing to Launceston for the 4th Australian Musical Theatre Festival, next year, without hesitation.